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Year of Monkey
2016 / 03 / 04 ( Fri )
So now it has turned out that I would only update this blog annually. I would try to update more often. This year is the year of Monkey. After the Lunar New Year, we have travelled to Nagoya, Takayama and Shirogawago for eight days for vacation. So happy that we could travel with many family members including my mother-in-law, who was really excited in seeing the snowing, and my sister and her husband. We all had a great time. Below is one of the beautiful pics I took in Shirogawago during the trip. Shirogawago
The weather of the whole trip is nice except the day we spent in shirogawago which had been kept raining the whole day. Therefore, since I had to hold umbrella and yat's hand plus holding my iphone at the same time, almost all the pics which were taken that day were vertical as I could not free my hand to hold the iphone horizontally... haha.... Luckily, the next day, which we needed to go skiing, was a sunny day.

So far, this trip was one of my happiest trips. I enjoyed travelling so much esp. with my family. Love them!
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Everything Reinstated
2015 / 05 / 06 ( Wed )
Even things happened in the past three weeks, everything has reinstated as if nothing had ever happened. It was like a dream. It was not merely a nightmare as there were good sides. I have regained my determination and learnt to be thankful to God. I would continue to learn to be a lenient and generous person because I am such a blessed person.
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Happy Year of Goat
2015 / 02 / 24 ( Tue )
Time flies and the Year of Goat has come. I wish that my family, friends and I have a properous Year of Goat! Yat B is now 31 months old and she is now very talkative. Her voice is so cute which does not seem to be like my hubby or me (which is great as my voice is very low key and odd XP). I am experiencing her trouble-two, but I still love her more than I could imagine! XD Her curly hair is still curly and quite long now, but I would dare not cut them as I love her curly long hair. She still has a few teeth yet to come out (which is quite late as compared to others, I think, but I am not in a hurry). She now weighs 30 pounds and she loves bread very much. She has just started to use her Minnie Mouse chopsticks. Yes, before kids know Frozen, every girl likes Minnie Mouse! =D

(PS. I would try to update this post more from time to time)
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K1 Admission of Yat B
2015 / 01 / 08 ( Thu )
I am so glad that the kindergarten that I formerly went to when I was a kid admitted Yat to their K1 class. I have applied for 5 schools for Yat. 1 rejected, 3 on waiting list and 1 offered a place for Yat! Being a Jul kid, I think the result was not that bad, esp those I applied were famous school with very keen competition.

In fact, the result is not the most important thing. It is more important that during the course of interview, I could understand more about Yat and her character. Yat is, to my surprise, not a very shy kid. Generally, she would respond to a stranger (the teacher who interviewed her) and she would even sing in front of a stranger! Even she had to go inside a room alone, she was not that scared and did not cry for me. I think she have already done a fabulous job!! I am very proud of her! =)

At last, I hope Yat would enjoy her childhood in a new kindergarten starting from this Sept. 2015! I love Yat always!
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He and I
2014 / 11 / 17 ( Mon )
Our 4th Wedding Anniversary just passed. Yat B is definitely the biggest gift to me in the relationship with him. However, it seems there left nothing between us except Yat B (Or to him, he could let go of Yat B anytime?). I am confused. I have tried hard to accept what he is while I still need to cater my own feeling. It's like I have been living for others instead of myself. But, at present, Yat B is my everything and I do not want to do anything to make her unhappy. Do I need to do anything now or time would heal?
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